This black bear photo was taken during a day hike with a telephoto lense at around 100 yards away: don’t worry, Mom, it was safe.

We’re about do a backcountry overnight in Glacier near the Canadian border. I’ll be turning off my phone or leaving it on airplane mode since I won’t have LTE in Canada. My next post will be whatever has WiFi.

After the backcountry overnight, we’ll be going to the connected park just over the border, Waterton National Park. Then we drive to Banff, spend 3 days there, then drive to Jasper, spend 3 days there. Then Joey leaves and Kevin, Isaac and I go to Alaska (30 hours drive).

Glacier is amazing. Such fresh air, friendly people, incredible mountains, awesome lakes. Looking forward to enjoying the backcountry (any paranoid parties: we’re going to be safe and not get eaten by a bear).

Hope to post an update soon! Enjoy some more pics taken yesterday: