Hi, I'm David J Vitale,

About Me

I am a quick-adapting Software Engineer passionate about disciplined development practices, automation, and lifelong learning of new technology. I have 5+ years professional experience in Web Development, API Development, and more. I am strong believer in Open Source Software, and try to use it wherever possible.



C# Python JavaScript TypeScript HTML/CSS Java C Ruby


Web Development Rest Architecture SQL NoSQL ASP.NET React.js Linux AWS CICD Jekyll Godot


While working as a Software Engineer at Esri, I was tasked with creating a "Map Widget" for use in Jupyter Notebooks. This widget allows users to run Python code that talks to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, creating beautiful visualizations of spatial data in an interactive map.

This widget plays a crucial role in the spatial data science process—as you experiment with analytic Python code, you can visualize intermediate results in real time, adjusting your code as needed.

Python JavaScript Jupyter Geospatial Data

This 2D sidescroller video game is about a rogue bear that learns to drive an ATV. Created with C# and the Godot Engine over 2+ years, this massive project makes heavy use of hierarchical object-oriented design patterns. Each node is a finite state machine, governed by strict priority-based rules for transitioning between states.

While working on this project, I had to gain working knowledge of the many diverse components that go into making a video game: physics, graphics, UI/UX, playability, etc. I also created all of the music and artwork, which was a delightful use of 'the other side of the brain'.

C# Godot UI/UX Computer Graphics NoSQL

This Jekyll plugin allows you to embed dynamic Leaflet.js maps in static websites. You can use Liquid to pull the spatial data from posts, then draw points, polygons, geojson, etc.

I use this plugin for my personal travel blog, and it works quite nicely!

Jekyll Leaflet.js Ruby JavaScript Geospatial Data

This interactive game walks users through the 4 billion year history of Earth by allowing users to populate the Earth with new life as it evolves. Users gain insight into concepts such as continental drift, historic mass extinctions, etc.

Created during the Esri employee hackathon, 2020. Desktop only.

JavaScript Geospatial Data


Shoot me a message to discuss technology, potential collaborations, or just to say hi!