Sorry about the previous blank post, weird Canadian gas station WiFi is not so reliable

We spent a few days in Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the largest national park in the US. There are only two roads that go into two very small selections of the park.

We spent the first part of our trip in McCarthy and Kenicott, an abandoned mining historic town. There are blue copper chunks scattered around, and a lot of the original buildings are still (somewhat) standing. We did the Bonanza Mining Trail, where we climbed from the sunny 80 degree base of the mountain to the snowy, cloudy, very freezing top. At the top was a crumbling abandoned mining house that we snuck into. It was so awesome to see the weird stuff abandoned on the inside, imagining the (probably horrible) life that miners lived in there in the 20s.

Next we took northern Nabesna Road to its end, doing a complimentary audio tour that the NPS provided. This place has a different vibe than Denali: it’s much bigger and much more of a preserve, but with more day hikes instead backcountry backpacking options. Definitely a cool visit regardless, we did a short day hike to a previous homesteaded, now public use cabin.

We’re currently somewhere in the Yukon or British Columbia, driving to Vancouver Island where we’ll spend a few days before going to Seattle and Olympic National Park. It’s snowing in the Yukon! In June! Weather makes no sense up here, I’ve forgotten what the night feels like.