This summer I took a week long roadtrip with my family to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. I had been here once before, but it was Matthew, Olivia, Allison, and Indhu’s first time there. (Plus, Matthew/Olivia/Allison’s first time camping!). I had a great time and made some great memories to last a lifetime, thanks all :)

Grand Tetons

We started out our trips in “Tent Cabins” in Colter Bay Village in the Tetons. These structures had bunk beds and wood burning stove, which was very useful for the first few cold and rainy days of our trip.

We spent most of our time in the Tetons hiking miscellaneous trails, and spent 1 day canoeing around the Colter Bay (one of my favorite days). The Tetons are much less crowded than Yellowstone, which makes this underrated park worth spending a few days in (even if it doesn’t have any thermals).


We stayed in Grant Village in Yellowstone, spending most of our time here looking at the different thermals. Old Faithful and Grand Geyser were two amazing sites that did not disappoint. All around a great experience!

Our last day in camp was Indhu’s birthday, so we enjoyed a chill day at camp with no hiking. After a long trip like this it was a needed break, also one of my favorite days!